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Antennas for Communications

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AFC has been in the business of applying composite fiberglass, sandwich composite and other materials as a means of solving electromagnetic structural problems for 30 years. Over its history, these unique problems have led to products which ranged from conical horn antennas up to 14 foot diameter (composed of feed, horn launcher and composite foam core reflector all enclosed in a radome), parabolic and offset dish antennas to 7 meters diameter, radomes—solid laminate, sandwich composite and dielectric space frame to 140 foot diameter, specialized TEMPEST, flyaway modular sheltersmicrowave components and feed systems including the space qualified OMT recently placed aboard the TDRSS satellite and launched from the Atlantis Space shuttle, to Tallguide ®, an ultra low loss waveguide transmission line from 5 GHz to 120 GHz. Several million square feet of conical horn radomes alone have been delivered to the exacting demands of AT&T, the Bell operating companies, MCI, Sprint etc.. C-130 Fly-Away shelters to 30 feet—equipped with TEMPEST design, double RF doors, CIPHER locks and security systems have been a part of several classified programs. And two days before the air war started in the Gulf, AFC trained a US Army team and air shipped via C-141 a 68 foot dielectric space frame radome to Saudi Arabia. AFC supplies GOES 3.7, 5 and 7 meter diameter antennas with fixed, motorized and hand-crank pedestals to NASA, the US Military and prime contractors. With the change in technology, many of these products are legacy. Today, AFC’s product line focuses on radomes, antennas, Tallguide ® and feed systems in support of its antenna product line.