Mitch Twardosky

Fidelity Manufacturing

MRMA Vice President/President Elect

About Mitch Twardosky 

Mitchell Twardosky is an experienced CEO with strong leadership and team-building skills. He is a visionary leader with the ability to share his vision and inspire team members toward common goals that drive bottom-line success. He focuses on building a culture that promotes team member growth and a friendly work environment. Mitchell has held ownership, sales manager, general manager, and CEO positions in civil construction and manufacturing companies over the last 25+ years. 

He has also spent time over the years volunteering as a soccer and basketball coach, coach’s coordinator, soccer league president and children’s ministry pastor, as well as being involved with other community groups and associations.

In Mitchell’s current role as CEO of Fidelity Manufacturing, the company has grown from 40 team members to over 200, and sales have increased 50% – 88% per year over the last 6 years. Fidelity builds fuel tanks and enclosures for standby generators that ship from Ocala, FL to sites throughout the US, Caribbean and Latin America. The company has built a reputation for great customer service and delivering quality products, which has spurred incredible growth.