Alice Avery


MRMA Board Member

Alice Avery is an experienced Learning and Development Leader at E-ONE, a renowned fire truck manufacturer, with over three decades of dedicated service in the manufacturing sector. Holding credentials as a Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt trained professional, and an ISO certified auditor, she excels in implementing principles and systems crucial for fostering a sustainable work environment. Alice is driven by a commitment to continuous improvement, customer service enhancement, and achieving excellence across all operational domains.

At E-ONE, Alice plays a pivotal role in spearheading the development and execution of the company’s Learning and Development Program. This initiative is designed to enhance essential skills among team members, ensuring they are equipped, engaged, and proud contributors to the E-ONE family. Through a comprehensive approach encompassing continuous improvement methodologies, skills training, certifications, and career advancement opportunities, Alice empowers her colleagues to thrive.

Alice is passionate about instilling a culture of learning and excellence at E-ONE. Her dedication to unlocking the full potential of team members drives organizational success and propels the company toward new heights of achievement in the fire truck manufacturing industry.